The wellbeing of the communities where we operate is of considerable importance to us. WDL is committed to sustainable and ethical business operations. These values form the foundation of its identity and operations.


Sustainability and conservation initiatives are at the heart of WDL’s operations. Extra care is taken to go beyond compliance through the adoption of clean technologies and improvement in management practices. Over the years, WDL through its subsidiary, HRPL has undertaken various energy saving initiatives in its facilities such as Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Exhaust, Electronic Ballast for Lighting, Multi-utility Heat Pump with Contacting Device, Multiutility Heat Pump, installing LED lights, Superheat Recovery from Heat Ventilation and Air conditioning, among others.

The Company has partnered with Green Yatra and conducted a comprehensive waste audit and management programme across McDonald’s restaurants in Mumbai and its suburbs. (SWM) Process, a scientific method of storing, collecting, segregating, transporting and disposal of solid waste residuals with Green Yatra ensures zero carbon emission and minimal or no landfill.

Green Yatra has also awarded McDonald’s a certificate in lieu of recognition and appreciation ‘For ensuring Zero Carbon / Greenhouses gases (GHG) emission by implementing SWM process.’

The effective use of the various energy saving technologies has allowed benefits, in terms of reduced environmental impact and operational costs, to accrue to HRPL. The combined use of all the technologies has helped HRPL reduce its energy consumption with a reduction in CO2 emissions by 2,730 tonnes. On the business end, these initiatives have also helped HRPL save over USD 300,000, in operational costs per year.

Community Involvement

Hardcastle Restaurants’ hosts several community outreach programs which focus on the adoption of social developments programs ranging from education of youth on environmental issues and cleanliness to traffic safety awareness programs in partnership with the Police Department across West and South India.

McDonald’s is proudly associated with the Nareshwadi project that serves over 550 underprivileged children from the local Warli tribal community, orphans and single-parent children placed by Government and non-profit organizations. McDonald’s has worked to improve the standard of living of the tribal community by supporting their nutritional requirements and also imparted training in farming and cultivation to enable them to be economically independent. Apart from this, McDonald’s has also joined hands with Muktangan, a unit of the Paragon Charitable Trust that runs a pioneering educational programme with an innovative model, working in close partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and a number of NGOs across the country.