Investing In Our People

WDL, through its subsidiary, provides quality employment and long-term career prospects to more than 7500 young people. The company aims in building a talent pool through efforts in education and training. WDL has been a strong proponent of offering undergraduates employment at McDonald’s restaurants thereby giving otherwise under-qualified youth opportunities for growth.

For many of our employees, we are their first employer, providing formal jobs opportunities that include benefits, medical coverage, training and flexibility. We believe in nurturing and grooming fresh talent. We make a long-term investment in our employees, imparting interpersonal and organisational skills, crucial for effective functioning on any job anywhere else.

Every employee is imparted with Skills for Life training, a strong foundation to coach them on valuable customer service and leadership skills that can be applied to a wide range of career paths in the future. On-the-job and off-the-job mentoring is provided through international learning programmes that are adapted to local training requirements.

Many of our employees are high school graduates and we encourage them to pursue higher studies. Extensive training is provided at each level to help our employees grow in rank at the organisation and build a secure future. We have developed alliances with educational institutions to provide special courses at discounted fees to employees. These courses include Veta Fluent English course, BBA in Retail and Symbiosis, Welingkars’ and Richard Ivey post-graduate courses. Today, there are several examples of people who started out in the organisation as high school graduates and now head multi-crore business verticals.