We Are Westlife

Westlife Development is an employer of opportunity, providing quality employment and long-term careers to young professionals. The company invests in its employees and offers a work environment based on meritocracy and the search for excellence. We provide our People competitive pay and benefits, as well as the tools they need to reach their potential and successfully overcome challenges.

Our people strengthen our value proposition in each market. In keeping with our Values, we conduct our business in an Ethical and Responsible manner - ensuring our operations are in harmony with the environment and the community - and boast a culture of meritocracy with ample development opportunities.

The focus of our value proposition is on providing a pleasant work environment that employees can share with friends and peers while enjoying a flexible schedule. We promote training and education – on both an academic and personal level – and encourage our employees in their future endeavours.

Westlife Development employees receive ongoing training, not only in the operations aspect but also in terms of the values and principles that will accompany them their entire lives. Our Company prides

itself on principles such as integrity, trust, honesty, hospitality and the importance of teamwork, and those values also can lay the foundation for a successful career.

What do we offer? Excellent work environment, Flexible schedule Future: Continuous training and a career path, helping employees strengthen their resumes while taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to grow within the Company.